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Meet Karen - our new activities worker

The Young Adult Carers project now has a new activities worker, Karen, who will be working hard to put on a range of brand-new activities for our carers to attend. We are currently running a weekly ‘Friday Funday’ where we take part in a range of activities from Bingo to Escape Rooms Online!

Contact Karen for news of upcoming activities and further information...



Taking care of our physical health is vastly important, and as carers, sometimes we know that it can be hard to put our own health and well-being first. This project was designed to equip carers with all of the tools required to be able to attend the gym twice a week for 10 weeks.

During this time, each carer had a personal trainer give pro tips and plans to enable them to get the best from the experience. We looked at the positive mental health impact that being physically active can bring and more importantly, how each carer could continue their well-being journey after the project had ended. We were amazed by the success of these ‘Jog-on’ projects so watch this space for future plans!


Coming together

Sometimes as Young Adult Carers we miss out on vital social interactions. With heavy responsibilities at home, even going out for a bite to eat can sometimes seem more effort than it’s worth.

We believe that making and maintaining new relationships is very important. So one of our key focus’ is to bring small groups together so that carers can meet and take some time to enjoy the company of people who understand the situation. Sometimes, a bite out with friends can mean a lot!



Learning practical life skills is important in personal development. We made it fun by taking our Young Adult Carers on a cosplay and costume making experience!

Over several weeks our carers learned how to design and construct (from scratch!) a cosplay costume or garment! We learned how to measure correctly, design patterns and how to use various machines and hand stitching to create our masterpieces! Our expert tutors made the whole experience sew-easy!


Museum Trips

One of the greatest ways to learn is to visit a museum where the interactive experience connects you more to the material than written words could.

Here we visited the Life Science museum where we all learned a great deal about biology, physics and chemistry. We got to run experiments and play with sophisticated bits of technology! We hope to run many more trips like these in the future!


Contact Karen...

Contact Karen for news of upcoming activities and further information...