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To mark Carers Rights Day, here's some things you may not know...

The Care Act (2014) marked a quiet revolution in attitudes towards carers; it clearly gave in statue for the first time, the same recognition, respect and parity of esteem for carers, as those they support

There are currently approximately 7million unpaid carers within the UK; 4.5million of these are of working age and juggling work and caring

72% of carers report having experienced low mood and poor mental health as a result of the pressures experienced whilst caring

Unpaid carers save the national purse approximately £132 billion each year

Many carers experience financial difficulties: nearly half of carers reported to have to compromise on food and heating and 60% admitted to using their savings in order to cover the costs of caring. 

An amazing £1 billion in Carers Allowance is unclaimed every year

Caring is a growing challenge: In the last 2 years more than 600 people a day gave up work to care for a family member

There are approximately 800,000 young carers identified across the UK; that is 1 in every 12 pupils across secondary schools have some sort of caring role

And lastly, Scarborough & Ryedale Carers Resource will be 25 years young in 2020; over its history it has supported over 62,000 carers across our area

It is truly remarkable what our local army of unpaid carers achieve every day. Scarborough & Ryedale Carers Resource pledge to continue being here for years to come in order to support and champion carers rights.     


Malton & Norton Rotary support Young Carers

Big thanks to Malton & Norton Rotary Club for their generous donation

The money will be used for Young Carers in the Ryedale area, supporting them to access personalised opportunities in order to reduce the impact of their caring responsibilities

Focus Carer

Focus Carer - Autumn 2019

Download a pdf copy of our Autumn 2019 Newsletter

This edition of Focus carer introduces and updates you on the services provided by Carers Resource to carers and others - the Adult Carer Service, Young Adult Carers and the Young Carers Service - Home from Hospital, Action Towards Inclusion and My Neighbourhood. Download a copy here.  

Focus Carer Autumn 2019.pdf (5.6MB)

Working with Eastenders

SRCR were delighted to be part of the team advising on script development for the recent young carer’s story line on EASTENDERS.  It was a privilege to be part of this work and a huge thanks must go to the ‘Team Eastenders’ for getting it right on screen, and raising the profile of the challenges young carers face.   Our work on this couldn’t have come at a better time following the NHS announcements last week regarding the increased support for young carers through GP’s surgeries.  Click the link below to read more. 

NHS sets out ‘care for young carers’offer in GP surgeries 

Caring with Confidence is back!

Starting 27th June and every fortnight until January 2020

These FREE sessions are for family carers to have some much needed time out of their busy caring role and focus on themselves.  Covering all sorts of subjects from a meal out and theatre trip to learning basic first aid or communicating effectively.  You can attend as many or as few as you like, but you must book a place.  Do do this please ring the office 01723 850155

Video: Yorkshire Coast Radio meets the Carers Resource team

Note: The autoplay attribute does not work on some mobile devices.

Scarborough & Ryedale Carers Resource is proud to be supporting and improving the lives of Carers 52 weeks a year, but on this special week, we are delighted the national spotlight is helping us raise awareness of the hidden army of carers who support their family and friends through challenging times.

Please take time to click on the video link above to meet our team - without them over 2500 carers per year across the Coast and Vale would not benefit from their support, knowledge and experience.

If you are a carer and would like to find out more - pick up the phone 01723 850155

Carers Cuppa & Wellbeing Group

Drop in for a chat and a cuppa, share ideas of how to unwind. Time to rest and relax, have some quality time for yourself.  A Support Worker will be on hand to answer any questions.

Pickering Cuppa and Wellbeing Group

Venue: Friends Meeting House, Pickering

The Cuppa Club is usually the third Wednesday of every month from 10am-12noon

If you would like more information please contact the office on 01723 850155 

or e-mail

Carers & Employment

How you can support carers in your work place or gaining employment. 

Carers and Employment Factsheet.pdf (349.3KB)


Focus Carer Newsletters

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