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One to One Support

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'One to One' support from a Carers Resource member of staff

If you require more in depth support, one of our Support Workers can arrange to see you face to face. This can be at your home, or other convenient venue such as a library, cafe or GP surgery.

The Support Worker will work with you to decide what support you need.  Our aim is to ensure you have the support you need to maintain your caring role, but also to have a life of your own. You and the Support Worker will plan together how this can be achieved. This may be via referrals to other agencies, information, benefits or other advice from the worker, or by introducing the carer to one of the other services provided by Carers Resource.

A client's view of the service

“I care for my adult son who has long-standing social anxiety issues as well as depression.  I was really worried about him and his future. He has had support from mental health services in the past, but wouldn’t accept any help now. I work part time to try and keep the house going but I had no support other than my partner. I felt so low.  
I spoke to a worker on Carers Resource helpline and she talked through various options that might help me. Realising my son is unlikely to seek support, it helped me to think about gaining help for myself to give back some sense of my own well-being.

When I saw the worker again, I had had chance to think over our discussion and we talked more about me. They encouraged me to see my doctor again after a Wellbeing Check and as well as him seeing me regularly, I have also been referred to counselling. I completed a Carers Assessment with the worker, which led to me attending a monthly carers group, where I can go for a cuppa and chat to people in similar situations.  Talking things through also helped me think about what I would like to do for myself and I have now signed up and been accepted on a volunteer reading scheme. 

My relationship with my son has also turned a positive corner and he's spending more quality time with me, which is helping him to overcome some of his difficulties too.  Gaining support from Carers Resource has restored my faith in seeking practical help and I’m grateful for the kindness I’ve received from everyone. The future feels more manageable despite my own health issues and I have developed a lot more of my own personal strength."

Other Services provided

Carers Assessments - the support worker can help you to complete an NYCC Carers Assessment.

Health and Wellbeing Checks - similar to a Carers Assessment but focusing solely on your health and how you are feeling.

Ex-Forces Support - We are a proud partner in the ‘Ex- Forces Support’ project and we aim to support veterans achieve improved wellbeing, social connections and confidence. We support carers of veterans, or veterans who are carers.

What issues do Carers in a Veteran’s home experience?
· Carers can often feel worried, frustrated, tired, or stressed because of the unique set of physical, social and emotional needs ex-forces personnel experience. 
· The physical and emotional impact of caring can affect your health and wellbeing if the caring role feels significant.

How can we support you?
We aim to make navigating easier by supporting you to access the right advice and information from a range of organisations. We offer support to talk through your situation over the phone or face to face.

Contact us by phone or email.

Telephone: 01723 850155

or email us at

We visit and meet with carers throughout Scarborough, Whitby and Ryedale

We work with carers living in all parts of Scarborough, Whitby and Ryedale and strive to be accessible to all carers who require our services. We can visit carers in their own homes or at other venues such as cafes, libraries or GP surgeries, if this is more convenient.

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