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Young Carers
Support in Schools

1-1 Support

Once we start working with a young carer, they will be allocated to a named Support Worker who will assess their needs and offer the most appropriate support.

Support in Schools

Being a young carer can sometimes affect you in school.  Do any of these sound familiar:

* Not being able to concentrate
* Struggling to keep up with coursework or getting time to do homework
* Not being able to go to after school clubs or activities
* Worrying about things at home or being over tired

There is support in schools to help young carers and not just for those young carers who are already in our service.

NYCC Young Carers Card

The NYCC Young Carers Card is for young carers in schools/colleges who may have difficulty balancing their education with the responsibility of caring for someone at home. The card provides a form of carer identification that young carers can carry with them at school/college and use to signal discreetly to the teacher that they need support.
The card is the size of a credit card and will have your name and your school/ college on the front. On the back of the card there is a description of some of the needs of young carers, your teacher's/tutor's name, and some contact details in case of emergencies
The aim of the card is so school are aware if you may be having a difficult time or in need of some additional help because of the caring role.  As a Young Carers Service we are supporting local schools/colleges to roll out the Young Carers Card across North Yorkshire.

If you are a young carer and would like a card within your school/college, please speak to your Tutor/Head of Year or a member of staff in school you feel happy to talk to regarding your caring role. Or do contact us on 01723 850155 and we can discuss more about the help available to you. 

Young Carers in Schools booklet

This publication is aimed at teachers or other education professionals.  It highlights the issues faced by Young Carers and gives suggestions of how schools can support them.  Sections include:

* Definition of a Young Carer

* Things Young Carers may do

* What it means for a Young Carer's education and attainment

* Things Young Carers have said

* National data from primary and secondary schools

* Early identification and support - Everyone's Responsibility

* What can schools do?

Young Carers in schools booklet.pdf (999.4KB)

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