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Young Adult Carers
Focus Group

New for 2020

We will be developing a new Young Adult Carers Focus Group this coming year (2020). A small group of 16-25 year old carers will work together on a project that will benefit their local community by tackling issues that directly affect their age group. During the coming months we will be discussing issues that young people face in the local community and coming up with ideas for awareness raising campaigns and action focused projects.

We will also be looking to recruit and train some new ‘Carer Ambassadors’ who will be volunteering in local learning institutions to assist education and training providers in developing ‘carer friendly’ policies. Did you know that Young Adult Carers are statistically less likely to engage in further education and even less likely to complete a course of education, even when they do enrol?
With the help of other local professionals and organisations we are seeking to change this and give every Young Adult Carer a fighting change at attaining their aspirations and reaching their goals. We will use this space to keep you updated on our progress and to share some of the amazing success stories we are sure will come! 

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