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Young Adult Carers
Clubs & Activities

Jog-On 3

Gym Activitiy back by popular demand!

Jog-on is back, currently being delivered for Young Adult Carers at Everyone Active Sports Village, not only to work on physical fitness but mental wellbeing too.  Exercise is a great tonic for mental health and we are all working hard to become better versions of ourselves.  We have already seen some wonderful changes and will report back at the end of the project to showcase our achievements.

The sessions are running twice a week for 9 weeks and are being funded by a specific grant via Carers Trust.

Monsters in Mind!

In April we went to the SJT to take part in a sewing and crafts event where we each ‘mindfully’ made a felt monster! The idea was to take our own insecurities or fears and make them physical whilst we talked about the issues and worked together as a group to overcome them!

Sew Easy

Sew Easy was a joint project between the Young Carers and Young Adult Carers services. It was a week long activity hosted by Carol Eves of Material Moves!

The Carers and support workers designed and made their own custom outfits from scratch, some with no previous experience of this kind of thing at all! We had dance costumes, prom dresses and 50s inspired vintage garments. These will be showcased at an exclusive exhibition in December (more info on this to follow). We all learned some very useful skills that will last a lifetime.

Sci-Fi Scarborough

The Young Adult Carers and support workers had an amazing experience at Sci-Fi Scarborough! Decked out in amazing costumes we met celebrities,  bought merchandise and even trained to be Jedi Knights thanks to ‘To the Hilt’ for their expert lightsabre tutelage!

A special thanks goes out to the Sci-Fi Scarborough team for providing us with concession tickets, it’s much appreciated guys! May the force be with you!

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